Welcome to the ‘introduction’ of the future online home of MOHLA, a portal that will follow the progress of one of the most exciting endeavors of our time.

Welcome also to the Greater Los Angeles Harbor … the largest in the nation and third in the world.


We have the golden opportunity to build a unique museum, not an ordinary museum as you are accustomed to visiting.  A new multidimensional interactive museum that brings forth the wisdom of the ages -- a museum that you will not see anywhere else. This magnificent destination, The Museum of Humanity, will welcome countries from all over the world to exhibit their culture and their gifts to humanity within the International Cultural exhibit, like an evolving world’s fair.


New York City has the Statue of Liberty.  Los Angeles needs an iconic statement to the millions of visitors to the region, whether arriving by the many cruise ships entering the harbor, as well as the international tourists visiting the waterfront.  Our goal is to create this museum as a source of pride for the world to see … a new and thrilling educational adventure into our own humanity that will take its place on the Los Angeles world stage.


We are at a critical nexus where advancing technology and the changing needs of the social fabric are so serious that humanity has to reinvent itself with a focus on discovering our potential shared goodness.  We must do this for our children…and for theirs.  With your help, together we can make this a one of a kind experience. You need this. The world needs this.